Common questions and answers

Here are a few of the most freequent questions we get asked about stocktaking and inventories, and their answers.

What is stocktaking? Stocktaking is.. counting all the stock that a business is holding at any given time to gain an accurate record of stock levels. Reports generally used for accounting purposes or general stock monitoring.

What is a stocktaker? A stocktaker is a person who is trained to count various different types of stock to suit any business requirements. Find out more about stocktakers.

Do I need a stocktake? Every business that has to carry stock levels which change over the course of time should always have frequent stocktakes carried out to ensure stock levels are properly monitored. For a business to do well it is important to have total control of its inventory at all times.

How much will my stocktake cost? Every business is different making it hard to give an accurate quote without first seeing the stock on your premises. However we do have an instant inventory quote generator. Just make three simple choices and you will be given a quote for your stocktake instantly.

What areas do you cover? Sure Count can provide stocktaking and inventory services throughout the U.K. We have a large network of staff all over the country. And we have combined forces with other large inventory companies to ever increase our capabilities.

When should I have a stocktake? We recommend to our customers to have a stocktake as often as is necessary to achieve 100% accurate control of your stock levels. You should be having a stock count at least once a year. Sure Count will help you to asses how frequently you should undertake stocktaking.

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